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Software Access Point
Transform your laptop into a real Wi-Fi hotspot, sharing any available Internet connection
Share Internet from other Wi-Fi Networks
Re-broadcast the Wi-Fi network you’re on, as your own secure Connectify Hotspot using your laptop’s Wi-Fi card.
Display Connected Computers/Devices
Know who and what devices are connected to your Connectify Hotspot at all times
Simple Firewall Controls
Set Internet and local network (LAN) access permissions for each connected device.
Share Wi-Fi from 3G/4G Networks
Share Internet from 3G/4G cards in addition to a wide variety of other USB cards
Drag and Drop File Transfer
Easily share files with devices connected to your hotspot as well as other computers on the network running Connectify.
Service Discovery
Scans all devices on your Connectify Hotspot for available shared folders or drives, web servers, iTunes, and other remote services.
Fully-Customizable SSID
Name your hotspot whatever you want (Connectify Lite requires your hotspot name to start with “Connectify-”)
Repeater Functionality
Extend the range of your home or office router using the identical network name and password.
AutoInternet Selection
When set to “Automatic,” Connectify Pro intelligently chooses which Internet connection to share and makes the necessary configuration changes to your hotspot
Premium Support
One full year of premium support and upgrades! Receive preferred support and the best possible response time to open tickets.

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